sábado, 6 de fevereiro de 2010

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  1. A parte qualcosina non capisco bene le parole della canzone...ma le immagini sono molto eloquenti..

  2. Guernica (R)my dear friend
    Thank you for being the first to honor this new space that is still as experimental
    Soon I'll post the photos of landscapes Brazilian .:-)))))
    Kiss my darling
    have a good start for weeks!
    My dear friend!
    The music of Gilberto Gil and Caetano (Brazilian singers are) make a
    comparison between Brazil and Haiti (guardads appropriate proportions)
    the music speaks of human rights, sometimes in Brazil are not respected.
    , whether you're black or white , if you do not have money, you will broken and even disregarded as a citizen ,
    They speak of economic power
    Anyway, speaking of the difficulties of life of the poor.

  3. This is a goog experimet!:)
    I'm looking forward for the photos!!!

    I don't know Gil and Caetano, but if they speak about violated rights, they certainly are sensitive people who use their art to improve humanity.This is important.

    Kisses dear friend!